Eric Stanton Betts

Arthur Bryan Marroquin Photography

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Eric is signed with McDonald/Selznick Associates theatrically and has started studying with Susan Giosa at the Susan Giosa Acting Workshop.



It has been such an incredible year of reflection, transition, and transformation. As a mixed person I have been particularly stimulated by the injustices that have been brought to light via social media and the BLM movement. I was able to visit the George Floyd memorial this past summer where I experienced a flood of emotions, most of which humbled me and my experience as a person of color in this country who also has white privilege. Here are some of my thoughts:
On the corner of 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis the people of the city have erected and constructed a memorial to the late George Floyd, whose death has ignited a worldwide civil rights battle.  I was humbled to visit the space today. These are MY people, I am as much black as I am white but I haven’t realized how much my white-passing privilege has protected me all my life. I am so mad. My brothers and sisters have been killed for centuries at the hand of the white man and the police and I have frolicked about subconsciously knowing that “it won’t happen to me” because I don’t look like George Floyd or Breonna Taylor or Trayvon Martin. I have always thought it was cool to be a mixed kid. However, I am realizing that I haven’t always found PRIDE in being mixed. In being BLACK & white and Cherokee indian. I want to hold myself accountable to that fact and if anything that I have the PRIVILEGE to speak up even more. I realize now that two parts of my identity are among the most oppressed people in America. Black and indigenous Native American. And for most of my life I have allowed the WHITE part of myself to suppress those other beautiful and colorful parts of WHO I AM!